For any grieving parent of any religion, whose child of any age
has died by any cause, no matter how long ago

8:00pm-9:00pm EST via Zoom

As a grieving parent, give yourself the gift of
getting away from everyday life for an hour
to focus on your spiritual journey after the death of your precious child.

These Midweek Gathering Retreats via Zoom feature a talk
given by an Emmaus Ministry Spiritual Leader or a Parent Witness
focused on the spirituality of the grieving process for parents.

A discussion by parents interested in
sharing their reactions will follow the reflection.

Please note that you will not be required to turn on your video or audio,
to introduce yourself, tell your story, or share anything at all.
Many parents participate by listening.  That being said, you will have the
opportunity to interact with others, if you wish.



Dr. Denise Compagnolo

  • Fr. Page Polk
  • DECEMBER 14, 2022 Sponsored by EMFGP Arizona
     Featuring Parent Witnesses,
    Dr. Denise Campagnolo, Thomas’ Mother,
    Greg Eckerman and Marianne Gouveia, Eric’s parents
    Fr. Page Polk,  EMFGP Arizona Spiritual Leader







Johnette Benkovic Williams, Simon’s Mother
EWTN’s Women of Grace Host and Grieving Parent
November 16, 2022 8pm-9pm ET
I heard Father God say to me,
“You were willing to labor to give him physical life. 
Will you not labor now to give him spiritual life?”
View this mother’s story of her faith journey and testimony to her son here. 


Fr. Luis Saldaña
Luis Saldaña Noviembre 9, 2022 en Español 8pm-9pm ET
Patrocinado por la Arquidiócesis de nueva York
Este Programa es en español.


  • Ellen and Michael Walker, Parents of Michael
  • October 19, 2022 8pm-9pm ET
    Sponsored by the Archdiocese of New York
    Michael and Ellen have been married
    for 46 years and are the parents of three sons.
    Their eldest son Michael, passed away 11 years ago at the age of 29.
    As they grieved the physical loss of their beloved son, they received many
    spiritual gifts that helped them in their healing process.   They will  attempt to share what they have learned and experienced with other grieving parents, so that these parents do not feel
    that they walk alone in this process.
    View Ellen and Michael’s Moving Parent Witness Here


Elena and Patrick Kilner, Parent of John Paul
September 14, 2022  8pm-9pm ET
Sponsored by the Archdiocese of Washington, DC

Patrick and Elena Kilner are parents to 8 children, ages ranging from 17 to 2.  They lost their fifth child in 2013 when he was 15 months old to a genetic neuromuscular disorder.  Pat and Elena have frequently shared the story of their time with their son, John Paul, as well as how it
strengthened their faith and family bonds.
View the Kilners’ Moving Parent Witness Here


 Rita Morton, Chad’s Mother
Founder of Sacred Sorrows and Co-Founder of Magis Women
August 17, 2022 8pm-9pm MT
Sponsored by EMFGP Arizona


    Superior General, Producer, Director of the Association of Marian Helpers.
    Head of Marian Press, and Author of many books,
    including “After Suicide:  There’s  Hope for Them and for You”
    July 13, 2022 8pm-9pm ET
    Hear Fr. Chris’ comforting “Epiphany of Hope” message, focused on
    the fact that because God is outside of time, it is possible–even now–
    to help our children through prayer and good works.
    View Fr. Chris Alar’s poignant reflection here.