Thank You for Your Interest in our Emmaus Ministry Remote Retreats

Here are Remote Retreat Guides from past Saturdays:
Your March 28 Remote Retreat Guide-There is Hope

Your April 4 Remote Retreat Guide-Why Are You Terrified?

Your April 11 Emmaus Remote Retreat Guide-The Cross

Your April 18 Remote Retreat Guide-We Are Easter People

Your April 25 Remote Retreat Guide-I Can See (the Emmaus Road)

Your May 2 Remote Retreat Guide-Do Whatever He Tells You

Your May 9 Remote Retreat Guide-Mother’s Day

Your May 16 Remote Retreat Guide-Be Not Afraid

Your May 23 Remote Retreat Guide-We Are Meant To Live Forever


Please join us every Saturday morning at 9:30am EDT for a short Emmaus Ministry Remote Retreat and Reflection.  Together we will pray for each other, our children, and the world.

If you are not already on our distribution list, please send your email address to [email protected] so you can receive the Remote Retreat Guide each week.  Or check back to this website to pray it after the fact.