Who We Are

The Emmaus Ministry for Grieving Parents is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) charity organization. All donations are deductible for federal income tax purposes to the full extent allowed by law.


  • Charley and Diane Monaghan, parents of Paul
  • Fr. David Convertino, OFM
  • Sr. Marie Puleo, MFIC


Emmaus Parent Companions are parents whose children have died and who believe that “It is in consoling that we are consoled.” They are all actively involved in helping to bring this ministry to sites outside of Boston and New England. Included are the following:

  • Claire and Steve Michlovitz, parents of David
  • Barbara Murray, mother of Melissa
  • Barbara and Rocco Favuzzi, parents of Dan
  • Denise Carlucci, mother of Nicholas
  • Oscar Zapata, father of Pablo
  • Genevieve Baudin, mother of Asheligh
  • Beth and Andy Culhane, parents of Adam
  • Donna and David Berkeley, parents of Matthew
  • Marianne Gouveia, mother of Eric
  • Susanne and Larry Conley, parents of Maria, Abby, and Missy
  • Caroline and Peter Bertozzi, father and step mother of Nick
  • Natalie and Jon Welsh, parents of Jacky
  • Janet and Danny Boyd, parents of Kelly and Amy
  • Jean Jarvis, mother of Steven
  • Kit Miller, mother of Kathryn
  • Karen Kornegay, mother of Dylan
  • Lois Diamond, mother of Eric
  • Tricia and Tom O’Brien, parents of Marisol
  • Donna LaPointe, mother of Michael
  • Lynda Marandos, mother of Tory


Retreat Team Companions are Catholic Clergy, Religious Brothers and Sisters, Diocesan Staff, and certified Spiritual Directors who have a particular interest in this ministry. All Retreat Team Companions keep us and our children in prayer throughout the year. Also, throughout the year they serve on teams at various locations either directly or indirectly.

Currently included are the following:

  • Fr. Eric Carpine, OFM, St. Petersburg, FL
  • Fr. Jurgen Liias, Medford, MA
  • Br. John Maganzini, OFM, Boston, MA
  • Fr. Brian Smail, OFM, New York, NY
  • Sr. Margretta Flanigan, MFIC, Boston, MA
  • Susan DiSisto, Office of Family Life, Archdiocese of New York
  • Fr. Peter Kirwin, OFM, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Fr. Michael Johnson, OFM, Boston, MA
  • Fr. Dennis Schuelkens, Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, WV
  • Deacon Jim Greer, Archdiocese of Boston
  • Fr. Thomas Gallagher, OFM, Hartford CT
  • Pat Curtis, Pastoral Associate, Hartford, CT
  • Patrice Fitzpatrick, Pastoral Associate, Stoneham, MA
  • Deacon Tom Neppl, Newburgh, NY
  • Fr. Thomas Hartle, OFM, Butler, NJ
  • Br. David Schlatter, OFM, Silver Spring, MA
  • Beth Rapoza, sister of Paul, Arlington, MA