To hear or read some of our very moving Retreat Reflections, see…


Keeping Ashleigh Alive!
3-27-19 Genevieve Baudin, Ashleigh’s Mother


There is More to Life Than This World
7-21-18 Fr. Dennis Schuelkens Reflection, Weirton, WV


They Are Alive!
5-3-18 Author Emily Ketring Brown Bag Lunch Retreat, Boston, MA


“I Knit You In Your Mother’s Womb”
1-13-18 Deacon Tom Neppl Reflection, Garrison, NY


God Didn’t Take Your Child
3-14-17 Fr. Jurgen Liiaas Brown Bag Lenten Lunch Retreat


Nothing Trumps the Law of Love
5-11-17 Fr. Tom Hartle, ofm Brown Bag Lunch Retreat


How Do We See God’s Hand in Our Lives?
5-14-16 Fr. Ray Therioux Reflection, Cumberland, RI


Getting Grief Right
5-14-16 Deacon Paul Lambert Reflection, Cumberland, RI


God Didn’t Take Your Child
9-24-16 Fr. Jurgen Liias at St. Patrick’s, Stoneham